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Do you need a Realtor for a New Build?

Would you go into a courtroom against a large fortune 500 company without your own representation?  No.  Then, WHY conduct business with a large multi-million-dollar builder on your own?

If you wouldn’t, then make sure you are working with a Realtor before you walk into a new build model home.  The fine print on the registration form you sign could be waiving away your right to representation as most builders require that you bring your Realtor on your first visit to the model home site.

Please note that the real estate agent sitting at the new build home-site is working for the seller.  They know about the floorplan, the options, the incentives and which lots are available.  They help with the purchase of the new home and are a great resource for Buyers and Buyer’s agents.  However, their fiduciary responsibility is to the seller, which means they are contractually obligated to look out for the financial interests of the seller (builder.)

When purchasing a new build, you will be signing a legal contract for a large amount of money and that contract will also commit you to work with the builder’s lender and title company.  By obtaining your own Realtor to work on your behalf, you will have an agent contractually bound to look out for your best interests and navigate through the process with the builder’s team. The good news is that the buyer agent’s commission is often offered by the builder and built into the sales price so there is really no need to go it alone.

How We Can Help You with a New Build

We are seasoned Realtors who represent buyers in new build contracts.  We have walked this road before and can help you navigate through the process.  As your Buyer’s representatives, we will:

  • Advise on upgrades that add to your re-sale value.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of floorplans, lots, locations, etc.
  • Ask pertinent questions of the builder’s representative.
  • Read through the builder contract with you.
  • Explain the legalities of what your signing.
  • Point out items you should research or question
  • Ensure you get the time you need to make the big decisions.
  • Act on your behalf throughout the entire transaction.

Again, why go through it all alone?  Let us partner with you!

Go ahead and browse through some new build sites but make sure to contact us ASAP so we can work with you from the start!